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Billings City, Montana

Illusions the Drag Queen Show is casting in Billings City, Montana to find spectacular celebrities impersonating drag queens with amazing personalities and a flair for classic and raunchy humor. Being chosen to become a part of the Illusion Drag Queens Team in Billings City, is an amazing way to showcase your talents and the hard work you have done to develop them to be shown off to hundreds of attendees in Billings City, Montana every week around the country.

When you become a part of Illusions the Drag Queen Show in Billings City, Montana you become a part of unforgettable memories in one of the most amazing and sought-after shows in the country. Illusions The Drag Queen Show, Dinner, and Brunch Show in Billings City, Montana a top-notch celebrity impersonation, comedic burlesque-style show that leaves all of its fans in Billings City raving about eccentric hair, makeup, and wardrobe that our amazing Billings City Drag Queens bring to the stage.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to become the next Queen to join Illusions in Billings City, then fill out the application and let the Kiki begin!

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