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Illusions, the Show is the best drag show Dayton, Ohio has ever seen! When Dayton drag queens come out, they are leaving everyone in Dayton, Ohio amazed and wanting more! Whether you are celebrating a Dayton bachelorette party, gay bachelor party, birthday celebration or just a fun night out in Dayton, Ohio, Illusions, the Show is the show for you! Come on Dayton come see Illusions, the Show! Once you do, you will agree that it is the BEST celebrity impersonation dinner show around!

Dressing as a drag queen in Dayton was once just a means of fulfilling female parts in plays and now it's become a worldwide phenomenon especially for bachelorette parties in Dayton!

The history of Dayton drag queen shows it is an evolution from a common theater in Dayton practice to an award-winning form of entertainment that has gained legitimacy both on a national and international stage. Dayton Gay Bachelor parties and Dayton bachelorette parties flock to see the Drag Queen Shows in Dayton offered by the Illusions Drag Queen Show in Dayton

Drag Queen Shows in Dayton is an art form has and had exploded largely thanks to the Dayton Nightlife scene and also to the career of RuPaul Andre Charles — arguably and Lady Bunny, some of the most famous drag queen in the world today. The reality TV show RuPaul's Drag Race which has changed the history of drag has also helped Dayton Drag Queen Shows become Bachelorette Parties Heaven but, women and men alone everywhere are seeing the amazing drag queen show in Dayton for other celebration such as Dayton couples night out, Dayton birthday parties, Dayton divorce parties and just a good old fashion night out in Dayton!

The competition drag queen reality shows that inspired Dayton drag queen clubs to produce their own inspired drag queen show first aired on the Logo TV network in 2009. Now nearly 10 years later, the drag race show has a massive viewership that spans beyond the LGBTQ+ community has men and women gay or straight alike going to drag queen shows in Dayton.

With its mainstream success of these drag popular, more and more drag queen shows have become a great form of entertainment for bachelorette parties in Dayton. Not as popular as not but, drag queen shows date back to Shakespeare days and drag queen celebrity impersonation in Dayton now seems to be one art that is tied to the theater as well., It’s almost like history repeating itself from Shakespeare's times that the stages in theaters were a place that drag queens performed for crowds of every and anyone for entertainment!

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