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Illusions the Drag Queen Brunch Show is the best drag Brunch show Phoenix, Arizona has ever seen! When Phoenix drag queens come out to do this Phoenix Drag Brunch, they leave everyone in Phoenix, Arizona, amazed and wanting more! Whether you are celebrating a Phoenix bachelorette party, gay bachelor party, birthday celebration, couples night out, or just a fun night out in Phoenix, Arizona, Illusions, the Drag Queen Show is the drag show for you! Come on, Phoenix, see Illusions the Drag Queen Brunch Show! Once you do, you will agree that it is the BEST celebrity impersonation brunch show around! Drag brunch in Phoenix, Arizona that will leave you wanting more Phoenix to drag queen entertainment!

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, tons of people from everywhere flock to restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges for drag brunches in Phoenix. Whether a bachelorette party drag brunches you seeking, a tourist is looking for a Phoenix drag queen brunch, or a Phoenix native looking for a Phoenix drag brunch, it's become a very sort after the experience.

Most commonly served food at these drag brunches are eggs, pancakes, chicken and waffles, French toast, fresh fruit salad, bacon and or sausage, and bagels. These delicious offerings vary, of course, depending on the drag queen show you choose in Phoenix but are almost always served buffet style.

The most popular drinks requested drinks in the Phoenix drag queen brunch scene are Mimosas and, of course, the Bloody Mary, usually because you had an incredible previous night in Phoenix's nightlife and are probably fighting off a vicious hangover. Of course, not everyone is looking to take it easy when they go to a drag queen brunch in Phoenix, and in traditional brunch style, the option to get day drunk is always there with a full liquor bar!

Drag brunch is a great way to celebrate Phoenix bachelorette parties, Phoenix birthday parties, or just a fantastic time out with your friends. If you live in Phoenix and get divorced or looking for a couples day out, drag brunches are a great way to celebrate your new journey in life or just no reason at all but to go out and see some fantastic Phoenix drag!

We have to take time to say thanks to great drag queens that have made Phoenix drag brunches so popular. The mainstream television show and cultural phenomenon RuPaul's from RuPaul's Drag Race, Phoenix's iconic Lady Bunny, and more but one thing for sure is the pupillarity and acceptance of the drag queens of Phoenix are on the rise!

"Drag brunch isn't only for the ladies to celebrate but most recently have become the entertainment go-to for all drag lovers alike, couples, straight men and women, gay men and women of course, and the youth! Man does the kids love drag! One thing that drag shows in Phoenix have done is bridge a gap between people, ages, sexes, and sexual preferences; none of that matters when you're at a drag queen show in Phoenix anymore, and it's something we should all be thankful for.

Phoenix restaurants, bars, clubs, and shows like the legendary Illusions the Drag Queen Show in Phoenix have long employed drag staff. Still, brunch is a newer phenomenon and a natural evolution that has created more laughter and unforgettable memories for all who attend."

No one can say where and when the drag brunch was started; some think NYC drag brunches were first, others right in Phoenix. I want everyone to think about what Phoenix has done for the drag community and that no matter where it has begun, we have all benefited from it greatly... The first drag queen restaurant was opened in the '70s but, we believe the Phoenix drag brunch started long before!

Brunch Like Never Before: Drag Show's Provide Endless Entertainment, Phoenix drag queen shows insight!

Live entertainment by amazing celebrity impersonating drag queens!
Is there anything more thrilling than that? Sure, you can watch all the movies and read all the books you want, but nothing hits quite like the euphoric atmosphere of a live drag show. Imagine the cheers from the crowd, the taste of the cocktails, and the pure joy of sharing such moments of laughter and happiness with your closest friends. Nothing compares; nothing competes.

Whether you are attending a concert, sporting event, or even a comedy show – the ability to see your favorite performers work their craft live in person is truly an unmatched experience. We dive into the once misunderstood but now mainstream sensational artistic work of drag for those seeking the highest forms of entertainment.

The history of drag and drag queens can be dated back to the 1800s, with men impersonating females for the use of theatre art and other entertainment purposes. Today, the art form has truly evolved into a mainstream phenomenon, becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment across the country, and Hunstville drag queen shows are a sought-after form of entertainment.

The history of drag and drag queens can be dated back to the 1800s, with men impersonating females for the use of theatre art and other entertainment purposes. Today, the art form has truly evolved into a mainstream phenomenon, becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment across the country, and Phoenix drag queen shows are a sought-after form of entertainment.

In 2008, the world-famous Drag Queen RuPaul's hit reality show "Drag Race" shed new light on the art. The show's search for "America's Next Drag Superstar" opened doors for the art of drag to an even larger audience, to which drag queen shows continued to rise in mainstream popularity, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, drag is the number one event for those looking to celebrate bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties, and everything in between. Gay, straight, singles, couples, and all of the above can be found in attendance at your local Drag Show events, bringing a new stream of income to the LGBT community while bringing everybody together for a night of love and laughter.

With such a massive demand for Drag Queen entertainment, we've found there to be none better than the two leaders of the industry - Illusions, The Drag Queen Show.

Separating ourselves from the rest, Illusions, The Drag Queen Show Phoenix, and all around the world, we put on more than your typical Drag routine. Our show provides top-notch performers, with stunning outfits and dialogue – while also doubling as the country's top Celebrity Impersonation drag queen show.

Our Phoenix drag queen show is not only local but, can be seen in more than thirty cities across the country. Illusions, The Drag Queen Show, has truly set the bar for Drag entertainment. The focal point that you can come to see your favorite celebrity (dead or alive) perform their chart-topping records live in person is a fantastic experience, especially as seen by a man to transform into a true Diva, providing the illusion that you are watching the real thing. The resemblance seen in the outfits, dialogue, and performances is genuinely remarkable.

Not only is Illusions the drag queen show a great night out, but The Drag Queen Show also provides an excellent alternative to Phoenix bachelorettes and across the country, looking to celebrate their engagements without the use of the traditional male strippers show. For many, Drag shows are the primary choice for bachelorette activities and are often seen in addition to the typical "magic mike" themed male stripper shows.

The art of drag has become so popular that the iconic "Magic Mike" franchise even included a Drag Show Bar scene in the second movie, Magic Mike XXL, in which Channing Tatum and his friends joined the Drag Queens on stage.

What's more, is that Drag Shows are quickly becoming the top-of-the-line source of brunch entertainment. Breakfast and Mimosa's is an ever-growing Sunday morning get-together for men and women alike, and Drag Show entertainment has never fit so perfectly with the brunch set. As if the unmatched nightlife entertainment wasn't enough, Illusions, The Drag Queen Show is now providing incredible brunch shows across the country.

Drag Shows and Drag Show Brunch are a must-see form of live entertainment, from over-the-top entertaining performances to incredible attire and endless laughter.

Whether you are celebrating an event or simply enjoying a night out or breakfast with your friends, you will not be disappointed.

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