Get Ready for the #1 Drag Queen Brunch Show!

Illusions, the Show is now  in

Los Angeles

Illusions the Drag Queen Brunch Show is the best drag Brunch show Los Angeles, California has ever seen! When Los Angeles drag queens come out to do this Los Angeles Drag Brunch, they are leaving everyone in Los Angeles, California amazed and wanting more! Whether you are celebrating an Los Angeles bachelorette party, gay bachelor party, birthday celebration or just a fun night out in Los Angeles, California, Illusions, the Show is the show for you! Come on Los Angeles come see Illusions the Drag Queen Brunch Show! Once you do, you will agree that it is the BEST celebrity impersonation brunch show around! Drag brunch in Los Angeles California that will leave you wanting more Los Angeles drag queen entertainment!

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons tons of people from everywhere flock to restaurants, bars, clubs and lounges for drag brunches in Los Angeles. Whether a tourist looking for a Los Angeles drag queen brunch or a Los Angeles native looking for a drag queen brunch, it’s become a very sort after experience.

Most commonly served food at these drag brunches are, eggs, pancakes, chicken and waffles, French toast, fresh fruit salad, bacon and or sausage and bagels. These delicious offerings to vary of course depending on the drag queen show you choose in Los Angeles but, are almost always served as a buffet.

Most popular drinks requested drinks in the New York City drag queen brunch scene are Mimosas and of course the Bloody Mary, usually because you had an incredible previous night in Los Angeles’s nightlife and are probably fighting off a vicious hang over. Of course, not everyone is looking to take it easy when they go to a drag queen brunch in Los Angeles and in traditional brunch style the option to get day drunk is always there with a full liquor bar!

Drag brunchs are a great way to celebrate Los Angeles bachelorette parties, Los Angeles birthday parties, if you live in NY and got divorced drag brunches are a great way to celebrate your new journey in life, or just no reason at all but to go out and see some amazing Los Angeles drag!

We have to take time to say thanks for great drag queens that have made Los Angeles drag brunches so popular such as, mainstream television show and cultural phenomenon RuPaul's from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Los Angeles’s iconic Lady Bunny and more but one thing for sure the pupillarity and acceptance of the drag queens of Los Angeles is on the rise!

"Drag brunch isn’t only for the ladies to celebrate but most recently have become the entertainment go to for all drag lovers alike, couples, straight men and women, gay men and women of course and the youth! Man does the kids love drag! One thing that drag shows in Los Angeles have done is bridge a gap between people, ages, sexes and sexual preferences, none of that matters when you’re at a drag queen show in Los Angeles anymore and it’s something we should all be thankful for.

New York restaurants, bars and clubs and shows like the legendary Diva Royale have long employed drag staff, but brunch is a newer phenomenon and a natural evolution that has created more laughter and amazing memories for all who attend."

No one can actually say where and when the drag brunch was started but, I would like to think with all Los Angeles had done for the drag community, that it probably has started in Los Angeles. The first drag queen restaurant was opened in the 70’s but, we believe the Los Angeles drag brunch started long before!